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  • Egypt International Mining Show - EIMS 2020

    A premium mining show connecting Mining Companies, Investors, Government & Service Providers.
  • The Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority - EMRA

    Announces the First International Bid Round, post announcement of new mining Law in Egypt.
  • The Egypt International Mining Show EIMS 2020

    Egypt 2020 | CAIRO | EGYPT

Welcome to Egypt
International Mining Show
EIMS 2020

The Egypt International Mining Show scheduled for 2020 in Cairo, Egypt will bring together Top Mining Experts, Investors, Solution Providers and Governments around the globe to discuss the new Mining Laws, explore the market, introduce their brands, make new connections and create long-term partnerships.

EIMS-2020 will offer insights into the key market, in-depth analysis of resources, overview of the most important metallic mineral commodities available in Egypt, their geological background, reserves and production rates.

Mining in Egypt

Egypt is home to a wealth of mineral resources including gold, copper, silver, zinc, platinum and a number of other precious and base metals. With an estimated 6.7 million ounces of gold, 48 million tons of tantalite (fourth largest reserves in the world), and 50 million tons of coal, Egypt has the potential to be one of the top mining jurisdictions in the world.

Global Mining Investors & Companies are expecting that the country's new mining law will create a pathway for rising exploration and investment opportunities in the field of mineral extraction and therefore boost the national economy and international exposure.

EIMS 2020

EIMS -2020 is a critical event for decision makers in the mining industry focusing upon the latest developments and strategies to advance mining in Egypt. It will focus the new legal framework, technological advancements, making new connections and winning new projects.

Why EIMS 2020 ?

Innovation, Technology & Solutions For Mining Sector in Egypt

A new era of mining in Africa has occurred and what better than Egypt as a destination.

With the New Mining Law implemented in Egypt & the bid round just around the corner, Egypt offers massive opportunities within the Mining Sector. To reach optimal production efficiency the Mining Sector in Egypt needs innovative technologies & solutions from International companies that operate in similar environments globally. The Egyptian mining sector needs mineral processing technology, equipment and proven expertise to develop mineral-based manufacturing. There are also opportunities for equipment manufacturers and suppliers, and companies that provide engineering consulting, drilling and chemical testing services. The industry also requires training and upskilling to fill supply chain gaps across the mining lifecycle.

There is a particular requirement for companies in gold exploration, drilling technology, mineral processing technology and equipment, engineering, processing and construction turnkey, and consultancies to assist in establishing the significant infrastructure needed for the mining industry in Egypt.

EIMS 2020 will feature a wide variety of technical sessions along with expert professionals from around the world. This event will facilitate deal-making and unparalleled networking with peers with full focus on business development.

There can`t be a better time than NOW !

The much-awaited new mining law has now been implemented. Investors, Miners and economists around the world see the new law as a critical step towards a new era in Egypt Mining industry. There can`t be a better time to tap on to the opportunities that Egypt`s Mining Sector currently offers.

Egypt is all set to be the next key mining destination in Africa. EIMS 2020 is your best bet if Egypt is on your radar !


Some Interesting Topics of Discussion